Monday, February 9, 2009

Joe's Wedding

Our buddy, Joe, married this girl called Lilah a few months back last year. There's been some clamor to post pictures from the wedding, so here are a few.

ChuckJerry, Diesal, WinIt, LJT, Open Bar, and Side Bar looking resplendent.

Here's Lilah walking down the aisle. She looks great.

There's still time, Joe. Run. jk jk.

Some girl was wearing awesome shoes.

Some strange lady kept trying to dance with me.

WinIt and Open Bar enjoying dinner

Diesal and ChuckJerry posing for the ladies.
You may recognize this photo from Diesal's elf dance.

Pamela was there. It was nice to see her. Ioana, too.

Move on, please. Move on.

That's some serious dance face.

Open Bar and Side Bar keepin' it real.

And the band was great too. From Rihanna to Journey.


rick said...

Great post, more pics please...have you considered a photo caption contest, it could be fun...-winit

Open Bar said...

Wow. First off, this post offers the most commenting room of any post I can remember. So in that spirit, I offer my initial responses to each picture. I encourage any and all to contribute in the same manner. As the president has said, if we don't do this, what is currently a crisis could become a catastrophe.

Pic 1: Purple velvet suit beats rock beats scissor beats tuxes beats paper beats average gray suit (2nd from right).

Pic 2: Which one is Lilah?

Pic 3: Clearly the guy in the lower-right corner deserved the focus.

Pic 4: "There's no place like...Ireland?"

Pic 5: Yikes.

Pic 6: "Who has two thumbs and really needs your keys or go fuck yourself?"

Pic 7: If only there were a hot chick along with these douchebags.

Pic 8: I swear I was looking at her shoulder.

Pic 9: You don't love Chuck, you just love his doggystyle.

Pic 10: I can almost hear the dialogue of whatever kung-fu movie Chuck is in: "You no like Journey? Then I no like-a you face. Hi-ya!"

Pic 11: Invisible tie grab? Or invisible super-long dick grab? Only I know for sure...

Pic 12: Nice used orange condom on the bottom-right. Gross.