Monday, February 9, 2009

A Modicum Of Decency, Please, Rupert

Here's today's New York Post front cover. Let's take a couple of things as a given. One, I'm sure we can all agree that Alex Rodriguez is an asshole. I don't know if you'll even find a Yankee fan who says he's a nice guy. Maybe you would, but let's just be honest. A-Rod is an asshole. And probably a motherfucker, too.

If we take as a given that A-Rod is, in fact, an A-hole, then it would seem reasonable to put this on the front cover of your newspaper. It is not. I mean, do I really have to explain why it is inappropriate to call someone an A-hole on the front cover of your newspaper? Obviously I don't. You're not clever just because A-Rod and A-Hole both start with "A dash". The New York Post has basically just become the equivalent of that "slam book" we all got in trouble for in 7th grade. I expect to open it up to Page Six and just see reports like "Jenn and Monica are both super-bitches".

On a related note, I was hopeful that for all of his assholian qualities, at least A-Rod would be someone who wouldn't use steroids, but I can't say I was 100% shocked when that story came out. I would bet any amount of money that Open Bar was reveling in his good fortune this weekend walking around Manhattan in a drunken stupor. Of course, this isn't unlike any other weekend for Open Bar, except that he was yelling extra loudly at Yankee fans.


The Notorious LJT said...

i think it's funny.

The Notorious LJT said...

also, does anyone really take the post seriously as a news source? i read it fairly regularly precisely because of it's lack of integrity and its slam-bookishness. it's an entertaining read and that's all. if i wanted half way reliable news written on a 3rd grade reading level, i'd read the daily news.

ChuckJerry said...

that is, frankly, why I like the Daily News. It's a perfect mix of real newspaper and tabloid. The newsy parts are real news and they have a good sports section and comics.

The New York Times can't consider itself a real newspaper until they include comics.

Open Bar said...

This may surprise you, but I'm not jumping for joy. I think I actually pity the guy. I mean, sure, he's a douche and he can cry himself to sleep tonight on his bed of diamonds while blowing his nose with $100 bills, but the whole thing is more pathetic than infuriating.

The Notorious LJT said...

that does, in fact, surprise me.