Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Two New Favorite Things

First of all, the best nickname of the last decade.

KryptoNate. It's just so clever. Whoever thought of Nate Robinson dressing in the green Knicks uniform and using the green ball and shoes and such to counteract Dwight Howard's Superman was just inspired. Great idea, great dunk. Big ups to Dwight Howard for allowing himself to be jumped over. All around great moment. And even better nickname.

Secondly, my favorite American Idol contestant in the history of American Idol is this guy

Anoop Desai is a big fat freaking nerd with a great voice and I love him.

PS - American Idol is just on the verge of unwatchable. If I didn't have DVR and if I didn't watch most of the show in fast forward, I would have stopped watching this garbage heap years ago. The singing is interesting, and I feel it's my duty to stay on top of my pop culture responsibilities, but in the two hour show yesterday there was literally 90 minutes of wasted time.

Viva Anoop!!!


Side Bar said...

The first three weeks of American Idol are hysterical. Simon just clowns on these horrible singers for the whole two hours. It is amazing. But after they shed the crappy people and are left with halfway-decent singers, it becomes instantly unwatchable. He can't clown on people who are decent, so they just fill the show up with complete garbage. For the last three seasons I have just stopped watching as soon as they bring everyone to California. It works perfectly.

Side Bar said...

And by the way, as Bill Simmons pointed out, the second Nate's . . . how shall I say . . . undercarriage . . . grazed Dwight Howard's head you knew that dunk contest was over. You can't win anything if you get balls rubbed on your head.

Open Bar said...

American Idol can suck the shit out of my ass. In the thousand years that show has been on, it's managed to produce all of Kelly Clarkson (shart) and Carrie Underwood (schwing!). Anyone who watches it deserves an inflamed urethra.

Wow, this comment was profane.