Thursday, March 22, 2007

Finally, the Family Circus done right

This made me laugh so hard I tore my esophagus. God, how I hate the Family Circus. There's nothing "funny" about this "comic." This is a completely retarded family. If American families resembled these complete morons, let's just say there's no way we could have innovated things like the Internet, or the car, or bottled water, or the wheel (yes, America did invent the wheel).

And that "Not Me" ghost that always "hysterically" shows up whenever that little inbred PJ breaks a vase or something? How about "Not Funny. Ever." Or "Not Hetero."

For some other great variations on the Family Circus, go here:

Kissing Suzy Kolber: this is a great sports blog focused on the NFL, and their personal renditions of the Family Circus reflect that. (The title of this post is a great quote. 10 points if you can tell me what movie it's from.)

Dysfunctional Family Circus: this is the mother lode of Family Circus mockery. Very funny stuff.

Okay, thanks for reading, and you can buy me a beer anytime.

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ChuckJerry said...

The Family Circus does indeed suck. The one Family Circus gimmick I enjoyed as a kid was when they would follow the kid's path through the neighborhood and then in the end he would come in and say something stupid.