Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Sock Monster

Found in (or around) washing machines and tumble driers
Thought to be genetically modified , highley evolved organism. Although never actually sighted evidence points to its habits and breediung cycle. A voracious predator the sock monster preys on single socks always leaving behind one of the pair it has captured. Mystery surrounds this behaviour although zoologists surmise this may be an instinctual mechanism for long term survival. Able to cross great distances at speed and unseen there is almost no known method of defense.
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I must have somewhere around 20 or 30 socks but like maybe 4 matching pairs, it's amazing. Sometimes, I know there is a pair in the dirty laundry I bring down to the basement and then, somehow, there is only one left when I bring it back upstairs.

That damn sock monster! I feel like the Captain Ahab of domestic chores.

Of course, having no shame, I regularly just wear non-matching socks. Now I won't wear a black sock with a very light brown sock, I would say my criteria is that they must be in the same quarter of the color wheel.

If you think about it, for work you really only need black socks, brown socks and (maybe) gray socks.

I need new socks. The next time I go shopping I'm going to buy two or three different kinds of pairs of socks but buy multiple pairs of each.

By doing so, I hope to finally outwit my nemesis once and for all.

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