Thursday, April 5, 2007


That, my friends, is a dead cardinal. And below, is a little bitch who did absolutely nothing to help his team these first few games.

Hey Scott, I hope that fat, bald Pujols took it easy on ya while he took out some frustration on you after the conclusion of last night's glorious sweep.

As good as it felt watching this series, the Cardinals clearly do not have a good team. Last October, the stars aligned for them. They managed to defeat two teams (the Mets and the Tigers) who were far superior ballclubs. But hey, I'll give them this -- it's not who's better, it's who wins. That's the only thing that counts. And so far this year, they ain't winnin' and they clearly suck. Yadier ("Fucking") Molina as your 6 hitter? Please.

And how unbelievably sweet for Mets fans was it to see Braden ("Fucking") Looper as the no. 3 starter? You could take the rotation from the little league team that I coach and it would be in the same ballpark.

And I leave you with this glorious picture from Brooklyn Mets Fan:

And Scott Spiezio deserves a light raping.

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