Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Classic Video: Super Mario Bros. Is Frustrating

Anyone who played Super Mario Bros. (the original on Nintendo, that is) knows that sometimes during the game, you'd encounter a particularly frustrating part. Once you were good enough -- and if you knew where all the warp zones were -- you could avoid these sections, but there were those times where you just wanted to get past that one fucking section, but you kept dying and dying and dying...

The following is a video of a guy (with an amazingly humorous accent too) who can't get past this one particular part. On top of the screen, it says it's World 1-2, which it clearly isn't. That's a bit odd, and so is the time counter, but anyway... The video is long (over 11 minutes), but I didn't really get bored watching it, having gone through these exact same feelings before.

Also, I love the counter showing how many lives he has left. It's those symbols that you get after you get hundreds of 1-Ups in World 3-1 at the end when you repeatedly jump on the turtle coming down the steps right before the flagpole at the end of the board.

Here are my favorite quotes of frustration in this clip:

"This is fucking worse than anything that's ever happened. This is a fucking horsecock in a tiny mouth."

"I hate everything that has ever existed. Everything."


"Who builds a castle like this, with no floor? Who builds a castle like this with fuckin' bouncy things and a fuckin' turtle that can only go like a fuckin' foot and walk backwards next to a flame stick. Who builds...FUCK YOU!"

Super Mario Brothers Is Frustrating pt2 - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

If you liked that one, you can check out another one of this guy's frustrating Super Mario Bros. experiences here. In that one, my favorite quote is definitely, "Oh, good thing I have W Blue Sky lives left." (Another symbols joke.)

Update: Joe had just recently posted a link to this. Go check out his site. He's a sexy bastard with great pecs and and even better wit.


Joe said...

That's the hard Mario I linked to earlier, with some random dude providing dubbed-over voiceover commentary.

rick said...

Great Fri classic video. What kind of accent does this guy have? I have no idea.
Two things he said that I loved:
6:50-beyond a horse cock, a f**king dinosaur dick...big ole' dinosaur dick right where the sun don't shine, T-rex comes from the past in a f**king time machine and he f**king takes..takes...tears you a new one, takes you down... takes you down to chinatown...f**king dinosaur chinatown.
7:50-Master the art of invicible block technology cause I need some...I need some....

Open Bar said...

My bad, Joe. Hadn't realized you already posted it. I've updated the post to include a link to your site.

Also--Hey Rick, you're allowed to curse in the comments. You don't need to write things like "f***ing." For example:

I fucking want to tear the lining out of that bitch Britney Spears's already-hollowed out cunt with a goddamn chainsaw.