Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some disturbing videos

Since we seem to be slacking off today, I thought I'd mail it in by posting a couple of videos. But in my defense, these are some oddball choices which leave room for interpretation and clever commenting.

Video Number 1: In the past, Kermit has certainly shown he can get a little melancholy ("Rainbow Connection," "It Not Easy Bein' Green"), but I never knew how hard Jim Henson's death was on him. Until now.

That's fucked up, Rowlf. Here's the main site for this thing.

Video Number 2: Everyone always says children are precious, but those people are dead fucking wrong. This little shit is one scary bastard. As a parent, can you even be proud of something like that? I'd be busy thinking of ways to trick it into drinking a milkshake mixed with cyanide.

From now on, I'm definitely using a condom every time. I swear.

(Thanks again to With Leather.)

Video Number 3: Just who is that handsome devil with the bananas? Someone give him an award. An award for unsurpassed awesomeness.

Those guys at Girard Street rule!

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Hasdai said...

nice work with the bananas. Excellent stuff - method acting I presume.