Monday, April 2, 2007

Here's to the Most Boring NCAA Tournament in Years!

Is it me, or has this been the absolute most boring NCAA tournament in a long frickin' time? Even as big a Mets fan as I am, I really think the most exciting post-season tournament in all of sports (professional and amateur) is the NCAA's. But this year -- and I'm not even that upset that there isn't a "George Mason" team -- not only did the favorites win way too frequently, there really aren't any truly memorable teams. No truly memorable finishes -- no amazing buzzer-beaters, no huge comebacks, and -- maybe most important -- no really loveable players leading loveable teams.

Last year, I admit, I kind of drank the Florida Kool-Aid. Regrettably, I must confess I liked Joakim Noah. Now, I can't stand that way-too-easily-excited, inbred-looking bastard. Jesus, if this guy gets a wide-open fast-break dunk in practice, does he scream and pump his arms as he runs back down the court? Settle down, buddy.

And this championship game? Florida vs. Ohio State? Does anyone whose NCAA pool doesn't turn on the outcome really give a shit who wins? Are people even going to watch? Why would you?

Greg Oden will be a great NBA player, but he's really not all that inspiring, is he? Not that that's his job, but it's just symptomatic of the whole tournament this year. No inspiration. No team to get behind. No players left to love and follow and hope they get a chance to hit that last-minute shot that will stick in all of our memories for years.

Right now, the only thing I care about is that baseball is back. My New York Mets need to finish off a nice three-game sweep of the St. Louis Shitbirds, then we can all focus on that. Yeah, there's the whole NBA and NHL playoffs, but really, are you gonna watch?

I guess I'll subject myself to the NCAA final, but I'm sure I'll be enjoying the beers I drink during it far more than the countless Joakim Noah "explosions of emotion" I'm sure to endure over the next two hours. Hey, maybe it'll be a great game, go into triple-overtime, leaving some random white loser at the end of the bench to shoot the last shot because all the "stars" have fouled out.

Let's go Mets!

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