Friday, April 13, 2007

Imus in Mourning

Rest in peace, I-man. I always thought you were the best thing on radio . . . a great combination of funny and interesting, with a focus on politics and sports, my two favorite hobbies. I stood by the show when all the defectors went to Stern, and I was still listening when you fools came crawling back. I'm done debating whether or not he deserved it; it happened, it's over, and it's sad.


ChuckJerry said...

I never understood your fandom of Imus. I was a listener and stopped mainly because I found it uninteresting rather than offensive, so I was not among those who were crawling back.

I will say this, Imus has made comments like this for years and it's kindof amazing that this time he's being called on it. It coincidentally happened just right and created the "perfect storm" of controversy. He managed to get all media outlets interested between hitting on race, gender, sports, and politics. I mean, is there anything else? (There's drinking, of course, Open Bar. I won't forget that.)

Danny G said...

Which "fools" came crawling back to Imus? I listened to him briefly in the early to mid-90s and as much as I enjoyed listening to the musings of Tim Russert and other guests who were welcomed into the Imus inner-sanctum, I could never get over the "Quack, quack" sounds. What was the point?

Stern may be repetitive and sub-sophomoric, but I'll take that any day over over Imus show. I guess I just don't like my Dom Perignon (Russert, McCain and other high-profile political-type guests) mixed in with my Colt 45 and Boones (the stupid shock-jock stuff Imus was also known for) mixed in with his save the sick kids stuff.

It's too much for me in the morning. (Drinking methaphor mixed in for Open Bar's benefit.)

Max said...

Let's call a spade a spade - Imus got fired because people were afraid of losing money (sponsors). Plain and simple. If no sponsors dropped or threatened to drop, Imus would still be on the radio.

Side Bar said...

The quack was dope. The "fools" I was referring to know who they are; calm down, and don't break the screen.