Monday, April 2, 2007

Good Night, and Good Luck. (Wait, Watch Out for That Car!)

Many of us go through terribly embarrassing moments in our lives. Fortunately for us, though, it's not a job requirement that a camera record it. That is the unfortunate burden that reporters must carry. So in honor of these brave journalists, here's a Top 10 list of the best instances of reporters getting brutalized/humiliated/driven to insanity.

10. Who hasn't had the urge to fuck with some reporter doing a story on the street? I love this guy's persistence (especially the robot dance), but the true greatness here is the reporter's initial professionalism, which soon is replaced by genuine rage.

9. Sorry, but am I the only one who doesn't get upset when a hot blonde chick gets treated like a stripper on national TV?

8. This is actually a pro-reporter incident. Why? He totally elbows some drunk Ohio State fan out of view. And because fuck Ohio State.

7. Amsterdam is my favorite city in the world (except New York, obviously), but it seems like in Holland, they hate reporters even more than we do here.

6. "Hey if you want something to happen to you and it's--" (I hope it's not a motorcycle exploding out of the trailer whose back you were sitting on!)

5. Hey, if you're just some pussy sports reporter with a dumbass name like Jim Rome, here's a thought: Don't intentionally piss off an NFL player; he is bigger than you.

4. "I'm obviously not a cat person!" Yeah, and this cat can tell. Watch how after the cat digs its claws into her cheek, she totally starts to lose it--CUT!

3. I love how when the crazy chick finally seems to be leaving and going back to her car, all she's really doing is giving her husband the signal. As soon as she says it's okay, he comes storming out like a lion being released from his cage.

2. Because...oh, just watch. And the replays too!

1. Do you remember the first time you got the wind knocked out of you? Felt like you were gonna die, didn't you? Well, keep the sound up during this clip, and you can hear the classic "I can't breathe!" moment this reporter endures.

And it seems like such a cliche now, but how about the anchors' responses? "Oooh, I think she might actually be hurt." Really? "Yeah, she took a hard fall." Wow. Really makes me want to work for your channel, you fucking airheads.

There was a time when people like Walter Kronkite and Edgar R. Murrow commanded respect, and they earned it. These days, we have reporters and anchors like the folks listed above. God bless 'em!

Good night, and good luck.

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ChuckJerry said...

#10 - Love the robot.

#7 - Peripheral vision? Camera guy? Somebody let a brother know.

#5 - Jim Rome sucks. Why is he still on TV to this day?

#3 - So the reporters show up at this lady's house, pester her until she gets mad, follow her after she starts to walk away, and then call the police when the husband finally lays the smack down. Bitches.

#2 - That looks really fake.

#1 - A classic.