Friday, April 20, 2007

Pictures of Cats With Words Is...Really Funny?

Somehow, yes it is. Maybe you'll hate this, but I thought it was great. I don't think you have to be a cat person for this, but it had me cracking up. Something about how the writing on each pic reflects the way the cat in the pic looks--there's such a good match between the thoughts being written, and especially the way that they are written--spelling and grammar errors that cats clearly would make--and the facial expressions and situations in which the cats find themselves.

I would naturally lead with this one:

What a nasty eye-booger:

That mouse should know better than to trust a cat:

And in honor of 4/20:

That suspicious (and fat) cat is just...perfect--those eyes!

It really looks like the cat is speaking here, too:

I love the wave good-bye, like a true cat-stronaut:

Where are this cat's limbs?

I wondered if this was Photoshopped or just a luckily timed picture, but who really cares?

How great is that scene in Office Space when this song plays?

Could that cat open its eyes any wider? And some great writing with "F00DZ."

Great timing, and a great idea with the bike.

That's gotta be one huge sandwich, especially for a cat.

Emo sucks and does indeed deserve to be belittled.

I think it's the spelling of the last word that completes this one. And the cat's ear positions.
Again, great spelling, plus it's tremendous the way the cushions pull back the cat's eyebrows. (Do cats have eyebrows? I guess not, huh.)

I wonder how many cats actually do this.

Almost makes me want to cry...

You can see a lot more here.