Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can't Make This Shit Up


Student: Yo Mista, how long did you have to go to school to be a teacher?
Me: After college I went for two more years to get a master's degree.
Student: Maybe I'll go for that.
Me: To be a teacher?
Student: Yeah, you guys make that good money. What's your network?
Me: My network?
Student: Yeah, I'll bet you make a lot of money. What's your network?

(a pause for my brain to translate this)

Me: Oh, you mean my net worth?
Student: No, I mean network. Like how much money do you have?
Me: No, you don't. You mean my net worth.
Student: No, I think it's network.
Me: It's probably not.


Open Bar said...

I think he was asking if your nuts work.

Kids these days...

Anonymous said...

Was there more of the conversation after that?

ChuckJerry said...

Not really. I just kinda walked away.