Monday, March 23, 2009

The Top Four's Top Five

In honor of our second birthday, also known as the two year anniversary of the day blogging changed forever (who?), let's take a look back at our contributors' top five posts of the past two years. This is the top 5 as determined by me, and, as such, is highly subjective. PS - picking only 5 posts proved much harder than I originally thought, but switching to a top ten seemed like a lot more work. Plus, make sure you get all the way to the bottom in order to reach the single greatest achievement in Wheeere's Luke history, the ultimate post.

Notorious LJT - proving the theory that quality and not quantity is the secret to life...and blogging.
5: Wear Sunscreen

4: Shitequette, Jeebus, that picture still makes me want to puke.

3: Sigh, in which LJT breaks up with the Knicks

2: Music Soothes The Savage Beast Part I: Kodachrome and
Music Soothes The Savage Beast Part II: Lola Meets Natashka

1: September Eleventh, Two-Thousand and One

Side Bar - He'll be mad that I didn't include Boner Nomenclature, and in looking at the archives, I'm fairly certain he had a little thing for Sarah Palin.
5: Social Networking Sites are Stupid

4: Return of the Red-Eye, followed by
I'm All Thumbs, along with
Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

3: 199T(eaneck)

2: Play Ball! - in which we get the greatest line in our blog's history (naming rights, ha), a King's Quest screen shot, and an eerie prediction about Barry Bonds and the home run record. And all this in his first post. The Kevin Maas of blogging.

1: The Toilet Bowl 2007: A Short Story

Open Bar - the progenitor of this blog, and in many ways the glue that holds it together.
5: Open Bar's man-crush on Nate Silver, plus some stuff about sabermetrics, and yet another sneaky insult of Side Bar

4: Study by NASA says: Doing three things at once less convenient than doing each one at a time - I really like the tone of this post.

3: Things that are overrated: Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak

2: God, I hope that's the sun coming

1: You know what's fuckin' awesome? America. Part III.a
You know what's fuckin' awesome? America. Part III.b
You know what's fuckin' awesome? America, part III.c

ChuckJerry - the heir to the Massengill fortune
5: Joe's Wedding

4: Cartesian Impasse

3: Hey Kids, If You Like Bruce Springsteen, You Might Like Jackson Browne Too

2: Fuck You, The Mets

1: Important Music

In an honorable mention way, I really liked the team effort of analysis that went into the last episode of The Sopranos. First by Side Bar, and then by ChuckJerry.

And finally, the greatest moment in Where's Luke history, less so for the quality of the post, than for the ensuing comment barrage.
No Static, Got an Automatic. Too Much of Anything Makes You an Addict.


The Notorious LJT said...

Well done, Chuck.

I just re-read that string of comments after 'No Static' and it was hysterical.

Open Bar said...

+1 for "The Kevin Maas of blogging."

Some good choices, Chuck. Looking back, I'm very surprised at some of the topics I didn't write about, such as the Sopranos finale, or the last Harry Potter book, but it's nice to be able to look back and see that you guys did. And through that, I can more closely remember what I was feeling at the time. In many ways, this blog is like a scrapbook of the last two years. Sure, we didn't cover everything, but that was never the point.

Man, I'm tearin' up. This blog **sniffles** rulz! I love all of you so much!

Side Bar said...

nice work. I recognize that the boner essay -- not unlike Chris the King -- was incredible in concept, but came up short when it actually had to perform.

That 9/11 essay is powerful shit.