Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's Your Final Four?

I'm inviting all of my blog mates to post their Final Four selections so then someone will have bragging rights at the end of the tournament (probably Open Bar, who's got far more time to handicap this stuff).

ChuckJerry's Final Four
Louisville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma
Pitt over Memphis in the final
Cinderella team: USC I'm going with VCU aka Virginia Commonwealth (I wanted to pick Gonzaga, but they're a 4 seed, and 10th in the nation)

Open Bar's Final Four
Um, weird, but Louisville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma (though until the first game begins, I'll be checking constantly for updates on Ty Lawson, which may alter my fourth choice)
Pitt over Louisville in the final
Cinderella team: Western Kentucky

Notorious LJT's Final Four
Kansas, UConn, UNC and Duke
Duke over UConn in the Final
Cinderella Team: The Teaneck Highwaymen

Side Bar's Final Four
Pitt, UConn, Kansas, UNC
Pitt over UConn in the final
Cinderella Team: Marlyand


Faith said...

I actually did 2 brackets this year which will probably end up both doing badly. Bracket #1: Louisville, UConn, Pitt, UNC.

UNC over Louisville in the final.

Bracket #2: Louisville, Memphis, Pitt, UNC

Louisville over UNC in the final.

ChuckJerry said...

Wow, Faith, out on a limb with the #1 bracket, eh?

Open Bar said...

Just to throw it out there, the games that I took the longest to finally decide on were:

Round 1:
BC vs. USC (Winner--BC)
Cal vs. Maryland (Maryland)
Ariz. St. vs. Temple (ASU)

Sweet 16:
West Virginia vs. Mich. St. (MSU in the only choice that even now, at 12:05 on Thursday, I'm still agonizing over.)

Elite 8:
UNC vs. Oklahoma (Okla. and fuck you Ty Lawson if you're messing with me and you come back and are awesome. I'd've had UNC winning the whole thing in that case.)

Open Bar said...

Do we seriously have two child-raping Duke fans on this blog? I may have to tender my resignation.

The Notorious LJT said...

i didn't pick based on fandom, i picked using my uncanny expertise.

i'm like a weatherman.

you're like a dirty dirty slut.

Open Bar said...

So one child-raping Duke fan and one child-raping, Duke-picking dumbass.

Tomayto tomahto.

ChuckJerry said...

I'll be routing for them, but they're not gonna get it done this year. They're consistent, but not particularly talented.

Faith said...

Open Bar, I agonized about a lot of those too (especially West Virginia) but ended up with USC and Cal. Hopefully UNC doesn't screw me over but it's very very possible. I also wasn't sure how far to take Syracuse as they have screwed me over many times in the past and are now on the list of teams I consider dead to me (along with Stanford - so good at losing in the first round).

Also, I was going to make a smart ass comment about Jerry "routing" for Duke. Something along the lines of not knowing they needed an IP network administrator to help them with their season. But I figured that was probably beneath me.

Faith said...

Also, what the hell is up with Memphis in this first game?

ChuckJerry said...

Thanks, Faith. I appreciate your restraint.