Wednesday, March 25, 2009

'Citizen Kane' had a good run

You might say I'm eager to see this upcoming motion picture:


ChuckJerry said...

I wouldn't think this could be good if Spike Jonze wasn't directing it.

Open Bar said...

Agreed. But he's such a perfect choice that I have no worries that my childhood memories will be fisted once again (a la Transformers).

Also, Dave Eggers is the screenwriter -- another heartwarming choice of staggering genius.

Open Bar said...

And whatup, Chuck? No +1 for the music? Or did you turn your Arcade Fire hat around.

ChuckJerry said...

I was pretty psyched about the music. It sounded kindof like a remixed version of the song.

I'm not giving you points am I? Did you edit this trailer together and I didn't realize it?