Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday II Us

Believe it or not, it's been one year since we turned one year. Check Spelling Wheeeeeeeeere's Luke officially enters its "terrible twos" today.

It's been quite a year, and I like to think we matched, nay, exceeded the high standard that we set for ourselves from March 07 to March 08. Sure, our first year was filled with accomplishments like:
single-handedly orchestrating the election of the nation's first smart President of the 21st century;

intellectual debate on race and culture surrounding the Don Imus fiasco;

a wistful memoir of lost youth; and

series of first-hand homages to this great nation

But March 08 to March 09 was filled with such gems as:
self-made crossword puzzles (by far my single (only?) greatest contribution to the blog; go back and look at that shit again, and what is spawned. Fuck. Ing. Priceless);

fart jokes; and

three more posts with the tag "dogs raping children --- funny?".

What a year.


Open Bar said...

Is it just my computer, or do some of those links behave oddly?

Also, yay! (insert upside-down exclamation point)Feliz cumpleanos a nosotros!

ChuckJerry said...

Dude, I was gonna make a post celebrating every poster's top 5 or 10 posts. You kindof took my idea. I think I'll do it anyway.

Side Bar said...

Chan Ho Park. I am the Dave Machemer of blogging.