Friday, April 17, 2009

Actress, 42, Inspired by Birthday Boy

Chinese American Actress, Bai Ling, has found inspiration in newly 31 year old Friend Of Blog, RTM a/k/a Yosemite Sam a/k/a WinIt.

Frustrated by the lack of quality roles, the actress remains determined to win the Oscar she feels she deserves today...someday.

"I deserve so much more than the roles I get offered now. I’m one of the best actresses. One day I will win an Oscar. I’m already winning it. I just have to find the platform to show it. I’m already winning it! I’ve got that talent."

Win it, indeed, Bai. Win it, indeed.

1 comment:

ChuckJerry said...

I wonder if she gets the ball.

(oh yeah, she gets the ball.)