Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Awesome Music Week: The Ting Tings

I first heard them: Like two weeks ago on the Jimmy Fallon Show
Would Side Bar like them?: ahhh, perhaps not
Would Open Bar like them?: almost certainly
Would LJT like them?: Obviously since it's not ultra-legendary classic rock or nascent rap, then he would not

Ok, the Ting Tings fucking rock. I know I've said that at least two out of three of our other authors probably wouldn't like them, but that's just because they're malcontents who don't have open minds. This album, We Started Nothing, by the Ting Tings is just super retro punk pop. The album is just super duper fun, has slamming bass beats, and can't help but remind you of Blondie. It weaves between punk and pop, harkens back to some disco, and skips over that new wave thing that apparently Open Bar doesn't love like I do.

Listening to this album is like being lifted up for about 45 minutes and floating around for a while and then being put gently back down. I've had the album for about a week now and I've listened to it a ton despite the fact that I've also bought a lot of other music in that time. Who are the Ting Tings? You may recognize them from such songs as "That's Not My Name" which is currently getting some play or from that iPod commercial a little while back with "Shut Up and Let Me Go". Anyway, I love this record. I love the one wave of energy that starts with the first track and never lets up.

...and the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums.