Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dear The Knicks,

This letter goes out to Donny Walsh and Mike D'Antoni and anyone else who has an say on the Knicks roster. I know that the Knicks are gonna suck again next year. I also know you guys are under the delusion that you are somehow going to sign LeBron James next year despite the fact that there's a good possibility they will have won back to back championships in Cleveland by that point. The only guy who's on your roster that's definitely gonna be on the team at that point is Danilo Gallinari and all that is well and good.

But please, I'm saying please here, please keep David Lee. Do it for me. I have watched the Knicks faithfully since 1989. I have continued to watch even when it was clear that the franchise didn't care about me or about winning or about being under the salary cap. The only bright spot in these past few years has been the play of David Lee. He was great in the Isiah Thomas half court low post system and he was great in the completely opposite Mike D'Antoni 7 seconds or less system and I love him. Don't fuck around with me here.

Keep David Lee!!

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