Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Specter of Doom for the GOP

More to come on this . . . just wanted to submit my nomination for tomorrow's Daily News headline.


Open Bar said...

"GOP sn-Arlen at Sen's betrayal"

The Notorious LJT said...

GOPeace out!

Open Bar said...

Republican't get much worse

Side Bar said...

The first one is incredible. I can't even try to top that, so I will try to top that:

* The Elephant Out Of The Room

* Bam's New D-Arlen Makes Unex-Spect-ed Supermajority for Dems

ChuckJerry said...

*Arlen you glad I didn't say Republican?

*Is Pelosi happy? I 'Specter to cream her pants.

I think "GOPeace Out" is the best.

Open Bar said...

Benedict Arlen.

Open Bar said...

It may not be the front page, but page 8 of todays NY Post:

Specter of doom for GOPand

Benedict Arlen frees a mon$ter2 for 2, bitch.