Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Awesome Music Week Extended: Stereo Total

Stereo Total is a German-French duo that are based in Berlin.

They're like synthsizery, pop, new wave and electronica.

I randomly saw this song, "I Love You, Ono" on a commercial and tracked it down in the interwebs. It is a remake of "I Love You, Oh No!" by some 1980s Japanese New Wave band, The Plastics. While not rap or classic rock, the Yoko Ono inspired pun makes it acceptable for me, kind of....actually, who am I kidding? I hate it but I'm trying to be cool - like Chuck Jerry.

Will Sidebar Like It? Probably Not

Will Open Bar Like it? I think so.

Will Chuck Like it? Yes.

Do I like it? No, I only like rap from the early 1990s and The Beatles.

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