Friday, April 10, 2009

Awesome Music Week: The Bravery

I first heard them: On iTunes, after having it recommended to me by a smart computer
Would Side Bar like them?: maybe to no.
Would Open Bard like them?: no
Would LJT like them?: surprisingly, he's probably the most likely fan. But I'll still say probably not

The Bravery are another synthesizer based rock and roll slash new wave revival band. Lots of energy, good use of the synthesizer, very 80s throwback from the music to the wardrobe and everything. I really like them, but my guess is that none of my blogmates will really like them.

Interestingly for their second album they made two versions. First they put out a non new wave version called which was "The Sun" and then a few months later they remixed all the songs into sythesized versions and released bascially the same album and called in "The Moon". And so together their second album is "The Sun and The Moon".

This is really the only video I could find of them that I could embed into the page, although this song is kinda wack. I would suggest you check out An Honest Mistake off their first album. I like their second album much better, but there isn't even a good video to link to off their second album. It's sortof too bad because even though this is a band that you all may not like, I don't feel like these videos available accurately represent them.

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