Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I don't care if it's embarrassing to cry at work

**sniffle** It's okay, you can cry too. Just let it out, man. (Obviously not you, LJT, as that would require "liking something.")

Goddamn, if American Idol ever had a moment close to as awesome and inspiring and uplifting as that, well, I still probably wouldn't watch, but I'd be less hyperbolic in my insults about it.

And let's not forget, not too long ago, this same show also had the cell phone salesman/stunningly impressive opera singer, Paul Potts, who pulled off the same "Oh God, who the hell is this talentless tool -- holyfuckingshit that was beautiful" kind of moment. At this point it's quite clear that even though we beat their asses back in 1776, Britain got all the talent.


Open Bar said...

Just watched it again, and somehow I missed her say this the first time around:

"I live alone at home with my cat, called Pebbles. I've never been married. I've never been kissed."Man oh man, this clip is about as good as they come.

Anonymous said...

When I first saw the Paul Potts clip I was amazed by it as well.

This clip is awesome, no doubt. I feel, though, that they were trying to recreate some of the spontaneous magic that the Paul Potts performance had. Plus, I think Paul Potts sounded better.

Side Bar said...

Definitely a set-up, but who cares? That was great. Very nice moment.

Go back to the video, at 4:00 exactly, when they cut to Simon, and he puts his hands on his cheeks, sighs, and let's out this goofy lovestruck grin. It looks like something out of a Hallmark movie. It's great. What a douche.